Sala silvermine

Sala Silvermine is a mine in the Sala Municipality, and the county of Västmanland in Sweden. The mine was in use during the 15th century to 1908. The mine has had three major periods, in early 16th century, mid-17th century and late 19th century. At most was 3-5 ton silver produced and in total has more than 400 ton silver and about 40 000 ton lead been extracted from the mine. The extraction of different mines has contributed to the vastness of the mine, with at depth of 300 metre and a length over 20 km. Sala silvermine is due to its size placed on the top-5 list over historical big silver mines of the world. Most silver has been used to make coins and according to Charles IX of Sweden was Sala silver mine the Country’s uttermost Clenodium.

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